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Letter of Endorsement from Congressman Udall

Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

September 20, 2005

Dear Sir or Madam,

   I am writing in support of the Campaign for Sustainable Recovery and EM® America’s initiative to introduce "Effective Microorganisms®", a natural and sustaining technology, into the flooded areas of New Orleans.

   I have been informed that "Effective Microorganisms®" have proven effective in the prevention of pathogen diseases and could help remedy the already tragic situation occurring in the Gulf Coast region. The Campaign for Sustainable Recovery, in coopera-tion with EM® America, would like to introduce Effective Microorganisms®?, or EM®, into the flooded areas of the Gulf Coast in order to combat the spread of harmful diseases in flood areas.

   EM® was developed in 1980 and further information indicates that it has been suc-cessfully used in disaster situations in the past 25 years. The liquid technology was sprayed into contaminated waters in Thailand as well as the other countries that were impacted by the 2004 Tsunami. It was also utilized in Germany after the flooding of the Elbe River in 2002. In both cases, EM® was effective in naturally decontaminating flood sites similar to those of the Gulf Coast, where post-flood disease and illness can be devastatingly deadly to the remaining population.

   Again, please accept my support for the proposal put forth by the Campaign for Sus-tainable Recovery. In the wake of a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina, remedies that are employed to combat immediate dilemmas may not be the best solutions for the future of our environment. It is my understanding that EM® has the ability to resolve this dilemma by treating the toxic waters of the Gulf Coast with natural ingredients that will not further compromise the environmental health of the region.

Very truly yours,

Tom Udall
Member of Congress

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