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EM Application at Tsunami Affected Sites in Thailand: Effective Microorganisms®: EM®, EM•1®, EM Technology®, EM·X®, Pro EM·1®, EM Super Cera®, and EM·X Gold®, EM® Ceramics, Probiotics and EM® Natural Health and Cleaning Products from Emerald Earth, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tsunami Wave Disaster

A day after the tsunami struck the coastal areas of southern Thailand, the manufacturer of EM® in Thailand, EM® Kyusei gathered to discuss the possible ways to provide help to the affected areas. On the same day, Dec. 29th, Lt. Gen. Chinnarat of the Thai Royal Army (retired), advisor to the Science and Technology Committee of the Parliament and a strong advocate for EM®, contacted Mr. Kazuhiko Wakugami telling that the military had been requested by the Chairperson of the Thai Red Cross to use EM® in the affected areas.
Henceforth, on the same day, 2 tons of EM1 was airlifted using the Thai Royal Air force plane to the affected area in Phang Nga Province, one of the hardest struck areas. They sprayed EM® dilution at the temple, where dead bodies were placed temporarily for identification. There were more that 1,000 dead bodies at the temple and the Thai military was collecting the dead bodies from the disaster struck areas. They made activated EM® (AEM) there and sprayed dilution of AEM every day at a dilution of 100. Among other things, a 10 ton fire truck lorry was used as well as shoulder pack sprayers. There was a general comment among doctors, military people, and other volunteers that a 50% smell reduction was observed. There was some initial protest over EM®/AEM use from some forensic doctors but after observing the smell reduction, all protests stopped.
EM® Kyusei knew that a more concentrated solution would have more effect. However the initial problem was bringing EM® into some of the inaccessible areas. At the request of the Red Cross, EM® Kyusei provided 5 tons of EM® on Jan 4. EM® Kyusei staff brought the EM® on land along with 10 staff members who have continued work with volunteers.
To read the translation of a letter from a Senator of Thailand on the use of EM® in the aftermath of the Tsunami, please click here.

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