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Satisfied Customers
Testimonials from Emerald Earth Shoppers

EM® Ringstones

"Thanks to the EM® Ringstone, my body's hydration level is excellent. Couldn't be better! My doctor was surprised and pleased, and me too. On to buying more to give to family and friends." —Diane F. 

“I was skeptical, but dropped my new EM® Ringstone in a 2 quart jar of what I considered to already be superior well water. I waited 20 minutes or so and then poured myself a glass of water before dinner. I offered my dinner companion, Ron, a glass from the jar. But he declined, wanting the tap well water instead.
I sipped my glass of water, and I was surprised! My water tasted softer and sweeter. Maybe I was imagining things? So I asked Ron if I could taste from his glass of water. It tasted harder and, weird as it sounds, slightly bitter. So I asked him if he tasted a difference between the two waters.
He tasted them, and without a further word from me, he said that the waters did taste different and that the water in my glass was better. Needless to say, I went back to the Emerald Earth Shop the next day to buy more EM® Ceramic Ringstones for my family and friends—and, of course, for Ron too.”
—Linda S.

“I use the EM® Ringstone in my glass of water, and I give a regular glass of filtered water to my cat. Needless to say, my cat started fighting me for my glass of water, which became an ongoing battle. So I bought a ringstone for her, and I’m happy to say that kitty is no longer demanding my water.”
—Gail C.

“We started using the EM® Ringstone in our drinking water, and now I can’t imagine drinking water any other way!” —Frank H.

EM® Health Products

“Since my first visit to Emerald Earth—I’ve become a regular to my favorite store! The products I buy there have changed my life—inside and out!” —Cherie H.

“The EM® toothpaste not only works wonders on my teeth, but I also tried it on my ugly age spots (on my chest) for a week—and low and behold, they all went away!” —Carol P.

“I heard great things about EM® products from my daughter, but I was skeptical. So I bought the bathing soap because it was affordable. Then I took a shower and it felt delicious. And my skin was much softer. So I returned the next morning to buy more EM® products, and now I love them all!
—Janet T.

“I cannot live without this anymore—the Ageless Extra and the ProEM•1® together. They’re great!” —Frank D.

“Great toothpaste! It really helps the gums.” —Henry W.

“I’ve had a serious skin condition on my face for several years. I’ve tried numerous and very expensive treatments—and nothing’s worked. I heard good things about the EM® products, so I thought I’d try their moisturizing lotion. Within three days, my facial blemishes totally cleared up. It was nothing short of miraculous! Please check these products out—they really are wonderful! —Kate O.

“I use the EM® Cleaners throughout my house, and I get the “happy-house-effect” every time I use them!” —Lynda L.

“I love your products! I use the EM® Ringstone for my water cooler and the results are magnificent. The BioEMSan toothpaste has changed my smile and I love the way it makes my teeth feel. And the BioEMSan lotions are really great for making the skin so soft. I came in today to buy more!” —Maher D.

Pet Health

“Agape is a black cat born on Halloween. She has always been a very independent and willful cat – and very determined to have her own way. Over the years, Agape aged gracefully. But by the time she was eighteen, it was getting difficult for her to get around. Then her glands started swelling – making it impossible for her to eat. Agape lost almost half of her body weight. We would set all of her favorite foods out with five dishes in a row. She would briefly nibble, let out an unhappy “meow”, and then would walk away. We tried numerous remedies for several weeks, but nothing worked. So out of desperation, we used one of our EM® Ceramic Bracelets as a collar. Agape never wore a collar in her life, so we were quite surprised to discover that she never tried to scratch it off. Within 36 hours, her appetite fully returned, and she has licked her plate clean ever since. We thank you and Agape thanks you for introducing us to the EM® Bracelets." —James M.

"My dog Cosmos, a Black English Labrador, had severe skin allergies for eight years. It started when she was a puppy. There was lots of itching with red spots on her skin, as if she had the measles. She would lick and bite herself until she had raw spots with no fur, especially on her belly, tail and legs. She was diagnosed with allergies to various food items and especially to dust mites. The food can be changed, but what can you do about dust mites? They are everywhere.
We tried a de-sensitizing shot at the vet. The lowest dose made her head swell up and she started scratching her facefrantically. I was afraid she would scratch herself bloody. For the first eight years of her life, we would go from vet to vet and only get a temporary break from the itching by giving her cortisone shots and steriod pills. I hated doing this, since she would become lethargic, hungry, and thirsty all the time. I knew that it was not healthy for her. But at least she wouldn’t bite herself to pieces for a short while. We tried everything from natural to controversial products - and nothing worked!
Cosmos had just finished a dose of steroid pills. Unfortunately, this time it didn't give her any relief. It only made her tired. So two weeks later, I decided to try EM®. I started by bathing her and adding two capfuls of EM® to a half gallon of water for a final rinse. I poured it all over her body - from the neck down. I dipped her tail in the pitcher, splashed it on her belly, and let it run down her legs. I applied it everywhere possible! Cosmos came out of the bathtub and laid on some towels that I placed on her pillow. She licked the EM® off her fur and then fell asleep. NOT ONE MORE BITE! This seemed to be working, so I decided to add EM® to her food and water as well. I also sprayed it on her fur when I brushed her. And she started looking like a different dog—all shiny, happy, and playful!
When I decided to repeat the EM® rinse a few weeks later, Cosmos picked up on my preparations. She responded by eagerly waiting for me in the bathtub with her favorite toy in her mouth, a yellow duck, and a wagging tail. I could have cried. Here was my dog - voluntarily coming into the bathtub! In the past, I had to drag her on a leash into the bathtub with her shivering and shaking throughout the whole ordeal. Now she was coming into the bathtub by herself because she knew how much it helped her!
So this is the story of Cosmos. She became a shiny, happy, healthy, itch-free dog - after all these years. My hope is that EM® can help your animal friend the way it helped my Cosmos!
" —Sonya S.

“If my pet were dying, I would make sure I got him EM® products first.” —John T.

“Our cat is fourteen and is never playful. We started giving her ProEM in her food and water… and now she thinks she is a kitten again. We haven’t seen her so playful in years!” —Lynn S.

Odor Problems

“We had sewage odors for about three days. A friend had a batch of EM® brewing and sent it over. I sprayed it on the spill site—and the next day, the smell was gone. However, I’d called the City to check and see if there was a problem on their end. They came to check it out. As I looked out my window, I saw one of the men sprinkling something into the standing water. I jumped up and ran outside, and guess what? He had just sprinkled chlorine throughout the whole mess. Today, we have odor problems again. I have no words" —Pat T.

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