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An Earth Saving Revolution I An Earth Saving Revolution I. This first publication of Dr. Higa describes how he first discovered EM® and how these regenerative microbial alliances can rapidly restore the health and balance of the environment. Dr. Higa reviews the hurdles that he needed to overcome and the unforeseen opportunities that opened through his discoveries of EM®•1®, EM·X®, and EM® Ceramics.
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An Earth Saving Revolution II An Earth Saving Revolution II. This is the sequel written soon after the first book by Dr. Higa. In it, he offers more information about how Effective Microorganisms® can be implemented in a broad variety of practical applications. It also provides numerous testimonials from very satisfied users of EM®.
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Our Future Reborn Our Future Reborn. This is the third book written by Dr. Higa. It provides an excellent summation of the health and environmental benefits of EM®. Based on Dr. Higa's cooperative approach to resolving a broad variety of ecological problems, this book also addresses a philosophical approach to resolving competitive conflicts through respect for "coexistence and coprosperity". Dr. Higa promotes a future reborn through a widening circle of goodwill to include all living organisms.
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Eco Pure Magazine: Ceramics Edition Eco Pure Magazine: Ceramics Edition. This important publication describes the many applications of EM® Ceramics for the health of the environment, gardening, building materials, water recycling, pet health, business applications, and so forth. An excellent source of information for the health enthusiast.
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Eco Pure Magazine: Digest 2003 Eco Pure Magazine: Digest 2003. This edition thoroughly reviews the cleanup of the Inland Seto Seas of Japan restored by EM®. Numerous articles on the applications of Activated EM® for farms, businesses, and households; kitchen garbage recycling being used to produce large volumes of compost fertilizer for farmers and gardeners; a variety of odor control and household heath articles; using probiotic EM® cleaners for businesses and hospitals to create a healthier interior environment.
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Eco Pure Magazine: World Water Forum Edition. A special edition focusing on water quality issues around the world and how EM® is leading the way in this campaign to reverse water and environmental pollution. Special articles from Egypt, Pakistan, Kenya, China, Thailand, Europe, and Japan.
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Eco Pure Magazine: The Front Line of Kitchen Garbage Recycling Eco Pure Magazine: The Front Line of Kitchen Garbage Recycling. A comprehensive overview of how to recycle kitchen wastes and recycle them into valuable organic compost fertilizers and other EM® techniques for gardening around the household.
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EM in Practice DVD EM® in Practice DVD. This is the new DVD from Germany covering the EM® International Festa and Conference that was held in Chiemsee, Bavaria in the Fall of 2006. Excellent overview of the various applications of EM® in agriculture, natural health, water quality, livestock care, odor control, and environmental quality. Beautifully filmed in the Bavarian Alps at Chiemsee Lake on Frauen Island. The best overview film available on the topic of Effective Microorganisms®. Plays in English and German.
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