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EM Health and Wellness
Nature Does It Best!
The widespread use of antiseptic cleaners and health products has come under closer scrutiny in recent years. These antibiotic products are designed to destroy all bacteria, whether they are beneficial or harmful. The healthy and beneficial microflora are what sustain biodiversity in our environments. This antiseptic approach of destroying all bacterial life often makes a bad situation worse by attempting to treat the symptoms rather than alleviating the cause. Using all-natural probiotic (meaning "for life") health and cleaning products allow for the microbial diversity to form alliances, which restrict and suppress the growth of the "bad bugs". This allows for a healthy defense system of the "good bugs" to revitalize and refresh their environment. EM® is designed to build strong probiotic alliances to form a healthy immune system for the soil, plants, animals, and humans. For creating a clean and healthy environment, we like to say that "Nature Does It Best!"
EM Health and Wellness
EM-X Dietary Supplement
EM·X Gold® Health Supplement is a metobolite extract of rice bran and seaweed fermented with EM® to produce an end product that is extremely high in antioxidants. The result is a golden colored health supplement containing an exceptional composite of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and phytonutrients designed to synergistically enhance the immune power of the body. Contains no live microbial cultures.
One 500 ml Bottle. Introductory Price $72.95    Buy Now >

Xtra Immunity - Concentrated antioxidant supplement made from nutrient rich all-natural rice bran, papaya, and sea kelp ingredients. Made through a unique fermentation process using beneficial, cleansing microorganisms. The result is a golden colored liquid extract, containing an easily assimilated filtered composite of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and phytonutrients designed to synergistically maximize the overall health and immune power of the body.
One 500 ml Bottle. Our Price $59.95    Buy Now >

ProEM-1 Probiotic Supplement ProEM•1® Probiotic Supplement is the first probiotic health supplement on the market to contain phototropic bacteria, a group of beneficial bacteria known to break down toxic substances and promote the healthy restoration of intestinal microflora. Probiotics (meaning "for life") are the reverse of antibiotics. Instead of indiscriminately destroying all bacteria, probiotics act to restore the body’s healthy microbial balance. This product also acts to detoxify.
One 16 oz Bottle. Our Price $29.95    Buy Now>

Essential Probiotics satisfies your body's need for healthy bacteria, restoring blance in the digestive tract and supporting a healthy immune function. This special blend of live and active probiotic cultures harmonize with your body, reintroducing the power of good bacteria to maintain health. Known as microbial consortia, the blend is optimum for regulating digestion and supporitng personal wellness.
One 500 ml Bottle. Our Price $24.95    Buy Now>

Herbal Probiotic is a concentrated, all-natural blend of 19 aromatic herbs fermented by a special combination of phototropic bacteria, lactic acid and yeast cultures. Probiotics are beneficial living microorganisms which help to replenish the human body with healthy microflora for improved digestion and detoxification.
500 ml Bottle. Our price $29.95   Buy Now >


Dr. Don's Antioxidant Mouthwash. This 12 oz bottle of Dr. Don's Antioxidant Mouthwash incorporates EM® Technology with high-quality enzymes, organic concentrated elderberry extract, lemon juice, organic spearmint oil, and menthol crystals. This product is 100% FREE of synthetic chemicals, sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride, and alcohol and is totally safe for all ages.
One 12 oz Bottle. Our Price $10.95. Buy Now >

BioEMsan Toothpaste BioEMsan Toothpaste This exceptional toothpaste provides for perfectly clean teeth, healthy gums, and effective prophylaxis. Bio-extracts include sage, ratanhia root and neem bark, as well as myrrh and propolis resins, oil of clove, aloe vera, ginger, peppermint, and chamomile have proven to be an effective, natural means of promoting healthy gums. Healthy sweetness is provided by stevia. A maximum of bioactive materials is guaranteed through the fermentation of he rbs with EM® and the addition of EM·X® and EM® Sea Salt. The exclusive use of EM·X® ceramic activated water optimizes the effectiveness of the ingredients.
One 80 ml Tube. Our Price $16.95    Buy Now>
BioEMSan Homeopathic Toothpaste. This remarkable homeopathic toothpaste provides for perfectly clean teeth, healthy gums, and effective prophylaxis. Sun-dried yellow alumina, chalk, coral algae powder, and veegum provide thorough but extremely gentle cleaning. Extract of ratanhia root, sage, the bark of neem tree, chamomile, and myrrh resin have proven to be effective, natural means of promoting healthy gums. Healthy sweetness is provided by stevia, while herbs such as cardamom, ginger, aniseed, fennel and caraway give it a tangy, fresh flavor. EM®-fermented herbs, EM·X®, and EM® Sea Salt optimizes its effectiveness.
One 80 ml Tube. Our price $18.95   Buy Now >
BioEMSan Moisturizing Cream. Light, moisturizing, and activating care is provided by means of hyaluronic acids, aloe vera gel, orange blossom hydrolate, and iris root. Shea butter and safflower oil nourish and safeguard the skin and pongamol, and organic UV-protection, provides a shield against light-related damage. EM·X®, EM®-fermented herbs, EM·X® ceramic powders, coral algae powder and EM® Sea Salt activate the skin’s functions and provide it with a healthy, protective mantle against acids. Extracts of lavender, marigold, and chamomile help to nourish and moisten the skin.
New 70 ml Bottle of Moisturizing Cream. Our Price $49.95.  Buy Now>
BioEMsan Balsam Cream BioEMSan Balsam Cream. Providing natural care and protection for every type of skin.
Especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. Suitable as a regenerative night cream. A
natural, care cream with almond, safflower, and jojoba oil, calming evening primrose oil, shea butter, and chamomile blossom hydrolate. Pure wool wax and hyaluronic acid bind in the moisture. EM·X®, EM®-fermented herbs, EM·X® ceramic powders, and EM® Sea Salt provide the skin with a healthy, hydrolipid mantle.
New 70 ml Bottle of Balsam Cream. Our Price $49.95.  Buy Now>
BioEMSan Hand Cream. This exceptional hand cream is rapidly absorbed and is soothing to the skin, but leaves no grease marks on paper (suitable for the office). A pleasantly fresh andfragrant combination is provided by top quality oils and fats, moisturizing hydrolates combined with EM·X®, EM® ceramic powders, EM® Sea Salt, and EM®-fermented herbs. A special feature of the cream is its organic light protection, which safeguards the hands against premature aging due to UV rays.
New 70 ml Bottle of Hand Cream. Our Price $22.95.  Buy Now >
BioEMSan Cleansing Milk. Promoting natural cleansing constitutes an important prerequisite for healthy skin. Indeed, skin problems can often be traced to incorrect cleansing. Accordingly, cleaning with BioEMSan Cleansing Milk leaves natural fats and moisture in the skin, while freeing it from particles of dirt in the gentlest possible manner. Olive and pleasure-of-gold oil blended with fragrant hydrolates in combination with EM·X®, EM® ceramic powders, EM® Sea Salt, and EM®-fermented herb extracts of rosemary, peppermint, and sage.
One 150 ml Dispenser Bottle of Cleansing Milk. Our Price $27.95.  Buy Now >
BioEMSan Tonic. After cleansing with BioEMSan Cleansing Milk, spray on BioEMSan Tonic and gently massage it in. Made with fragrant orange blossom hydrolate – a precious byproduct from the steam distillation of essential orange blossom oil (neroli). The additional blend of EMX, EM® Sea Salt, and EM®-fermented herbs thoroughly moisturizes the skin and provides the impulses necessary for the activation of cell function. In extremely dry conditions, spray on BioEMSan Tonic and gently massage it in. Subsequently apply cream.
One 100 ml Spray Bottle. Our price $26.95   Buy Now >
BioEMSan Body Lotion. This extraordinary all-natural body lotion is a treat for every type of skin, offering protection against dryness and providing softness and smoothness. This creamy lotion contains fragrant hydrolates of orange blossom and rosemary, aloe vera gel, coldpressed oils – in combination with skin caring EM®-fermented herbs, EM·X®, EM® ceramic powders, and EM® Sea Salt, which supplement this high-quality recipe. No synthetic chemicals or preservatives.
One 150 ml Dispenser Bottle. Our price $31.49   Buy Now >
BioEMSan Deodorant. Finally an all natural deodorant that actually works! Sweat is the skin's natural, imporant, and healthy reaction to high external temperatures. Therefore it should not be prevented by antiperspirants, but simply reduced while preventing unpleasant odors. Try this all natural product which includes sage and mint oils and the core EM® ingredients.
One 100 ml Spray Bottle of Deodorant. Our Price $26.95.  Buy Now >
BioEMSan Salt Soap. With this exceptional salt soap, you can give your skin the gentle attention that it deserves with every wash. The creamy, fine pored foam is the greatest treat for your skin.
One 75 g Bar of Salt Soap. Our Price $10.95.  Buy Now >
BioEMSan Shower Gel. An enchanting, dry fragrance derived from sandal and rosewood in combination with tropical jasmine and ylang blossom turn the daily shower into a delight. Moreover, even after showing, a delicate cover remains tangible on the skin. Mild, organic surfactants provide gentle, protective cleaning with the core EM® ingredients. While aloe furnishes moisture, jojoba and pleasure-of-gold oil enrich care for the skin – even during the shower.
One 150 ml Dispenser Bottle. Our price $25.95   Buy Now >
BioEMSan Lip Balm. Protects against rough and sore lips and is an excellent base for lipstick. The skin does not contain sebaceous glands, which would provide a protective thin oil layer. This is the reason why the lips tend to dry and crack. BioEMSan Lip Balm has valuable organic oils and waxes, which enhance the skin with fat and moisture in a balanced ratio. In addition, it also contains the orange-red oil of the sea buckhorn and the extract of leaves from Indian tree, which provide natural light UV protection.
One 4.8 g Dispenser Stick. Our price $10.95   Buy Now >
BioEMsan Rosemary Shampoo BioEMSan Rosemary Shampoo. For normal and oily hair, and as a protection against dandruff. This shampoo cleans gently and cares for both the hair and hair matrix. Fragrant, pure essential oils (rosemary, sage, lavender, juniper, tea tree, bergamot mint, and basil) combined with EM® core ingredients to combat oiliness and dandruff. The scalp is healthy and the hair is easy to comb, glossy, and full-bodied. To attain optimum benefits, the shampoo should be left on the scalp to work for a short period and then thoroughly rinsed out.
200 ml. Our Price $21.95.   Buy Now>
BioEMSan Avocado Shampoo. For extra dry and damaged hair. This exceptional shampoo cleans gently and counteracts dryness of the hair and hair matrix. Cardamom, coriander, cedar cist rose, tropical jasmine, and ylang blossom lend the shampoo a delicate fragrance, while avocado oil and shea butter furnish nourishing care. Valuable moisture is provided by fresh aloe vera plant juice, orange and rose blossom, and chamomile hydrolate – combined with core EM® ingredients. Furthermore, wheat protein improves combing and gives the hair body and sheen.
One 200 ml Dispenser Bottle. Our price $24.95   Buy Now >
BioEMSan Cream Conditioner. After every wash and for any type of hair. This cream rinse, which has the delicate fragrance of cardamom, coriander, cist rose, cedar, and tangerine strengthens and activates the hair matrix. The herbs have been EM®-fermented in combination with EM·X®, EM® Sea Salt. Prior to each production run hydrolate, fresh aloe vera plant extract is blended with purified water that is microstructured with EM® Ceramics. Avocado oil, gold-of-pleasure oil, shea butter, and wheat protein feed the hair and hair ends with valuable care substances.
One 200 ml Dispenser Bottle. Our price $24.95   Buy Now >
Shabondama Bath Soap Shabondama Bath Soap. An all-natural EM®-based soap that is ideal for sensitive skin. Safe, organic, and probiotic cleansing that naturally deodorizes. Long lasting and has no chemicals, alcohol, or fragrances added. Imported from Japan.
One 100g EM® Bath Soap. Our Price $6.95.   Buy Now>
Shabondama Foaming Body Wash Shabondama Foaming Body Wash. An all-natural EM®-based liquid body wash that is safe for everyone, including babies. Safe, organic, and probiotic cleansing that ideal for sensitive skin. Alcohol, chemical, and fragrance-free. Imported from Japan.
One 600 ml Bottle of EM® Body Wash Soap. Our Price $25.95.  Buy Now>
Shabondama Laundry Powder Shabondama Laundry Powder. An all-natural EM®-based powder laundry soap that cleans clothes without harmful and harsh chemical residues. Safe and organic that eliminates odor and static electricity. Naturally cleans clothes, while remediating drain lines and septic tanks. No harmful chemicals, alcohol, or fragrances. Imported from Japan.
One 1 kg Box. $19.95 Buy Now>
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