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The Emerald Earth Philosophy
The Emerald Philosophy     Download PDF Version

The Fifth World
In northern New Mexico, where Emerald Earth is based, there is an ancient Hopi tradition that describes the five worlds that we live in. The First World is the realm of the Creator. This is the energetic life-force from which all life is manifest. It is the Source that is forever constant and eternal. The Second World is the realm of material manifestation. This is where matter begins to take form and coalesce into what is described as the Mineral Kingdom. It is the foundation for sustenance and stability. The Third World denotes the realm of growth and emergence—the so-called Plant Kingdom. It nourishes and enlivens. The Fourth World is the realm of mobility and exploration—the so-called Animal Kingdom. It individuates and specializes.
The Hopis tell us that the Fifth World is yet to come. This represents the coming of the Human Kingdom. This world is highly compassionate and caring, as it understands the interconnectedness and sanctity of all life. Humans of today, the Hopis explain, are quickly approaching this New World. But most of us are still caught between these two worlds. The Fourth World is very competitive—where the victor garnishes the spoils. It is based on the values of: dominance, power, control, hierarchy, exploitation, separation, suppression, and conformity.The Fifth World, on the other hand, is very cooperative—where the human imperative is to create beauty and abundance for all life. It is based on the opposite values of: partnership, balance, tolerance, equality, connection, conservation, empowerment, and diversity. For many, the Fifth World represents a fulfillment of the ancient dream of creating “Paradise on Earth”. But in order for this Fifth World to emerge, a paradigm shift is needed—a way of living that is based on the win/win principles honoring the interconnectedness and sanctity of all life.

Returning to Paradise
The vision of Emerald Earth is to help create a world where humans are the caretakers of the planet—and not the takers! Chief Seattle once said that “The Earth was not created to serve man. Man was created to serve the Earth.” We, at Emerald Earth, believe that the human species is undergoing a paradigm shift. As foretold by the Hopis, we are emerging into our true natures as humans. No longer will we be motivated by our animal instincts to achieve dominance and control. Our true human instincts will inspire us to bring balance and harmony into the world—as we become the caretakers of this garden paradise called Earth.
A new earth-friendly culture is steadily emerging. In the early sixties, roughly 2% of the world population adhered to the values of environmental sustainability. By the late sixties, these numbers had grown to 5%. In the early eighties, this new culture had expanded its ranks to 15%. Today, roughly 30% of the world population adheres to these ecological values. As the old order gives way to the new, we envision a majority of people on the planet shifting to this new paradigm in the very near future and becoming a part of what the Hopis have termed “The Fifth World”.

New Models of Coexistence and Coprosperity
Virtually all of our institutions and organizational structures are shifting to this new paradigm of sustainability. Imagine, for a moment, living in a world where the entire human race is living in ecological balance. Our economies are based on low-impact, sustainable principles with the profits fairly and equitably dispersed. Our politics focus on participatory democracy at the grassroots level where all viewpoints are welcome. Our religions encourage exploration and a celebration of diversity. Our schools teach us to live in cooperation with nature and with one another. Our healthcare system focuses on clean and natural living. Our farms grow natural, organic foods that are highly nutritious. Our communities are recycling all of their wastes and creating thriving localized economies. Our homes are sustainably and beautifully designed using renewable energy and recycled waters. Our relationships are based on values of equality and mutual respect. And the arts flourish as we create magnificent works of beauty and creative imagination. Who knows what the human spirit is capable of—once we learn to live in conscious and ecological balance on a global scale?

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