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World headquarters
Consulting, general information, contract rights and patents, research and development on EM®.
Very useful reference database of publications on EM® related projects.
EMRO USA is the sole authorized manufacturer of EM•1® products for North America: U.S., Canada, and Mexico, as well as parts of the Caribbean.
TeraGanix, Inc is licensed by EMRO USA Effective Microorganisms to use the EM® Logo, exclusively distribute their entire product line in the US, as well as manufacture products utilizing EM Technology®.
Distributes EM•1® and other EM® related products, such as EM·X® and the ceramics, in Hawaii. Great project using EM® in Zoos.
EMRO in China.
World headquarters
Consulting, general information, contract rights and patents, research and development on EM®.
Exporter of Japanese made EM® products to the world.
EM® Shop in Japan.
EMRO in the Republic of Korea
EM® Pakistan is licensed by EMRO, Japan to disceminate and promote EM® Technology in Pakistan and Central Asia Region.
APNAN, the Asia Pacific Natural Agriculture Network, is an organization based in Bangkok, Thailand, and networking on the concepts of Kyusei Nature Farming and EM® Technology, with contacts in all continents of the globe.
Vital Resource Management Pty Ltd (VRM) are the makers and distributors of EM® in Australia. Very skilled in waste water processing and engineering applications using EM®. Also EM® cleaning products.
Nature Farming of New Zealand is the authorized manufacturer and distributor of the EMRO products of this region.
For all your Bokashi requirements and home composting systems.
A very comprehensive site containing information on the many uses of EM® and related products.
Christchurch City Council promote the use of Bokashi for home composting
EM® in Ecuador.
EM® in Austria
EM® in Germany
EM® in Greece.
Agriton is supplier of soil improving products in agricultural field. Excellent Dairy farm products and advise.
EM® in Poland
Another Poland based website
EM® in Spain
Revatilizacion De Agua S.L., Fuerteventura, Spain
EM® in Switzerland
EM® Forum Switzerland
EM® in United Kingdom
EM® in Ireland
EM® in France
EM® in Belgium



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