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EM® for Lawn and Garden  Download PDF Version

EM for Lawn and Garden
An Earth-Saving Revolution
EM® stands for Effective Microorganisms®, an all-natural blend of beneficial microorganisms. EM·1® Microbial Inoculant is made through a natural process of fermentation. Nothing has been genetically altered or chemically engineered. EM·1® is safe and easy to use and is listed as a fully organic product by OMRI. The secret to
EM®’s widespread success is its capacity to naturally remove harmful toxins and restore nature’s microbial balance—whether it be on the mineral, plant, animal, or human levels. EM® is now being used in over 120 countries, and is being hailed as an “earth-saving revolution” that is resolving a broad variety of environmental problems.
There is nothing new about the technology of Effective Microorganisms®. Nature has been using this technology for billions of years. The breakthrough was in creating a symbiotic alliance of beneficial microorganisms that create a chain-reaction of healthy byproducts. The ingredients of EM·1® are comprised of three main genera: phototropic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and yeast. These naturally-occurring ingredients work synergistically together to secrete beneficial substances such as vitamins, hormones, enzymes, organic acids, bioactive minerals, and various antioxidants when in contact with organic matter. They literally have the capacity to restore the natural balance and diversity of the micro-ecosystems.

Home Gardening
After thorough research into the nature of Effective Microorganisms®, it was determined that this microbial blend produces diverse antioxidant byproducts such as: inositol, ubiquinone, saponin, low-molecular polysaccharides, polyphenols, and chelates of minerals. These antioxidant substances have shown to promote significant disease suppression. When added to the soil, EM·1® acts as a natural detoxifying agent and promotes the multiplication of beneficial microbial alliances—while inhibiting the growth of harmful species.
  • Serves as a catalyst to naturally detoxify and enrich the topsoils—which increases plant
    growth, yield, shelf-life and overall nutritional quality.
  • Improved soil quality substantially reduces the growth of weeds and herbivore insects, thus gradually eliminating the need for toxic herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers.
  • Promotes photosynthesis and strengthens the vigor of plants, thus increasing their ability to withstand drought, floods, and temperature extremes.
  • Naturally remediates harmful substances—such as heavy metals, salinization, and agrochemicals—while restoring the microbial diversity of the topsoils.
  • Increases soil temperature through microbial activity, which enables greater cultivation in colder regions.
  • Improves soil aggregation, permeability, and water holding capacity—thus reducing overall water usage.
  • Helps prevent the erosion of fertile topsoils—and can even convert desert and sodic environments into arable land.
  • Detoxifies, conserves, and improves the overall quality of water and the runoff tributaries.
Application Ratios
It is recommended that EM•1 Microbial Inoculant® be applied to the soil on a regular basis with an adjustable hose-end sprayer in combination with organic fertilizers and vitamin supplements. For general garden applications to flowers, herbs, and vegetables, apply Activated EM® (AEM) at a ratio of 1:750 or one teaspoon per gallon. For foliar treatment of trees and shrubs, apply AEM at a ratio of 1:250 or one tablespoon per gallon. For turf and lawn care, a ratio of 1:100 is recommended or 2½ tablespoons per gallon. These applications should be done two or three times a month throughout the growing season.


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