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EM Festa in Bavaria
EM® Festa in Bavaria
From Chiemsee Lake in Bavaria, which many refer to as “The Heart of Europe”, came the First International EM® Festa and Conference. The event took place on the tiny 12-acre Frauen Insel, which means “women’s island”. Located in the southeastern tip of Germany, this historic island situated at the foot of the Alps marked the original site of the Benedictine Sisters Convent, who hosted the conference. TheEMFesta represented a potpourri of events and activities – all focused around the theme of “Effective Microorganisms®”, which is popularly referred to as EM®. Over 5,000 people from around the world came to learn more about this all-natural blend of beneficial microorganisms that safely removes harmful toxins and naturally restores health and balance to the environment.
Little Organisms, Big Revolution! 
Little Organisms, Big Revolution! 
In the field of nature-based technologies, an important discovery was made by a quiet, reflective microbiologist from Japan. Dr. Teruo Higo had diligently been testing a variety of microorganisms, when he accidentally fell upon a blend of microscopic organisms that had formed a symbiotic alliance. The waste products of one created the food for the other. Dr. Higa decided to call his discovery “Effective Microorganisms®”, which is now popularly referred to as EM®.
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The Emerald Earth Shop Celebrates its Grand Opening
The Emerald Earth Shop Celebrates its Grand Opening
The Emerald Earth Shop formally opened its doors in Santa Fe on October 30, 2005. Owners, James McMath and Sabine Steinhardt, said that it only seemed fitting that it be opened on the weekend of Halloween. All in all, there were about 50 friends and wellwishers attending the opening. There was a "spirited atmosphere" with good food, fun costumes, and face-painting.
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The EMTN Newsletter The EMTN Newsletter
The EM® Technology Network is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting and disseminating information about sustainable health and environmental quality for the planet. Its purpose is to provide up-to-date information about EM® technologies and networking with individuals and organizations from around the world. They provide an extensive library of information and research publications that is readily available to the general public. Their two most recent newsletters provide valuable information on recent EM® discoveries and advances in America, including articles about Emerald Earth. Please review their website at:
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Composting with EM in the UK
Composting with EM® in the UK
Gardeners do not need to be told the value of good compost. It has been produced on garden heaps for generations,to enrich the soil in flower beds and vegetable patches. But, like any well-tended heap, the issue of compost has been hotting up and has become an integral part of Government targets to reduce the amount of waste deposited in United Kingdom landfill sites. As a nation our ‘chuck it in the bin’mentality is deeply rooted.Households in England produce 25 million tonnes of rubbish per year, more than half of which consists of garden and kitchen waste, paper and card. A massive 78 percent of this total goes into landfill, while only 12 percent is recycled. Such figures do not compare well with most European countries.
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EM: A Regenerative Magnetic Resonance That Enhances Life Itself EM®: A Regenerative Magnetic Resonance That Enhances Life Itself
xcerpts taken from An Earth Saving Revolution II by Dr. Teruo Higa
Water is the medium by which transference of “the information of life” takes place. The transfer of information occurs because each single molecule of water is a dipole, containing both a positive and a negative pole which functions like a magnetic tape. All life possesses its own distinct magnetic resonance, and it is this magnetic resonance which is recorded within water molecules. Water absorbs magnetic resonance from the matter it comes in contact with and transfers it to other substances.
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