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EM Applications for Household Uses
EM-1 Microbial Inoculant Learn How to Make Activated EM®
ou can take one liter of EM•1® and turn it into 5 gallons of Activated EM®! When you purchase a liter of EM•1®, this is a first generation of the EM® culture. Because these are living organisms, they can reproduce into a second generation of the EM® culture. This second generation is called “Activated EM®” or simply AEM. However, this second generation of AEM no longer has a shelf life of six months—but has a shelf life of about 4 to 6 weeks. So be sure to activate only enough to meet your needs for that timeframe. Also, be sure not to try to produce a third generation of AEM from a second generation. The vitality of the microbes is diminished too severely, if this is attempted.
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Composting with Effective Microorganisms™
Composting with Effective Microorganisms®
Effective Microorganisms® (EM®) helps to speed up the natural composting process—without many of the negative side-effects of foul odors and pests. Adding compost to the soil and then mulching it will help to hold in moisture, requiring less watering, keep weeds down, and provide a home for worms and microbes.
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EM for Lawn and Garden EM® for Lawn and Garden
After thorough research into the nature of EM®, it was determined that this microbial blend produces diverse antioxidant byproducts such as: inositol, ubiquinone, saponin, low-molecular polysaccharides, polyphenols, and chelates of minerals. These antioxidant substances have shown to promote significant disease suppression. When added to the soil, EM® acts as a natural detoxifying agent and promotes the multiplication of beneficial microbial alliances—while inhibiting the growth of harmful species.
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Hot Tubs and Swimming Pool Applications
Hot Tubs and Swimming Pool Applications
Many of us would gladly use hot tubs and swimming pools more frequently, if it weren’t for the harsh chemicals that can be so irritating to the skin and eyes. Conventional treatments attempt to use antibacterial approaches for creating a sterile environment in the water. This antiseptic approach of destroying all bacterial life in the water often makes a bad situation worse. Healthy and beneficial microflora are what sustain biodiversity in our environments and help to build natural defense systems. Using EM® to naturally remediate the water helps to keep nutrient levels low enough to prevent the growth of algae, and acts to keep the water microstructured – which is soothing to the skin.
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Water Gardens and Pond Treatments
Water Gardens and Pond Treatments
Healthy water gardens and small ponds offer a valued aesthetic attraction to the home or business. These pools, however, develop their own ecosystems that can easily go out of balance. If the water is left stagnant for too long, mosquitoes will start to inhabit the area, algae begins to form in the water, and odors can start to appear. Adding in a feature that circulates the water can cut down on these problems. Depending onthe water quality, however, algae and calcium deposits may still form. Using EM®•1® Microbial Inoculant on a regular basis will help to keep enough beneficial microbes in the system to keep nutrient levels low enough to prevent the growth of algae. EM® also has the ability to neutralize salts—which can act as a natural chlorinator—and prevent them from crystallizing on pool surfaces.
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Natural Septic Treatment
EM•1® Microbial Inoculant has the unique ability to shift the conventional onsite wastewater operation from a putrefactive breakdown system to a regenerative bioremediation system. This helps to reduce the overall loading demand on septic system. EM® helps to offset imbalances caused by overloading, harsh detergents and cleaners, antibiotic soaps, drain cleaners and a wide variety of other materials that make their way into the onsite septic system. But for best results, it is recommended to use all-natural cleaning and health products that will minimize the impact on the microbial remediation process taking place in the septic system.
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