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Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Applications   Download PDF Version

Hot Tub and Swimming Pool Applications
Many of us would gladly use hot tubs and swimming pools more frequently, if it weren’t for the harsh chemicals that can be so irritating to the skin and eyes. Conventional treatments attempt to use antibacterial approaches for creating a sterile environment in the water. This antiseptic approach of destroying all bacterial life in the water often makes a bad situation worse. Healthy and beneficial microflora are what sustain biodiversity in our environments and help to build natural defense systems. Using Activated EM® (AEM) to naturally remediate the water helps to keep nutrient levels low enough to prevent the growth of algae, and acts to keep the water microstructured – which is soothing to the skin.
For hot tubs and pools, it is recommended to use AEM in combination with natural salts—which acts as a natural chlorinator. Salt consists of two elements: sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). An electrical impulse in salt dosing devices splits the elements into sodium hydroxide and natural chlorine, which helps to keep the pool clean without the harsh chemical negative side-effects.
There are a variety of factors which contribute to maintaining clean and healthy water quality
systems—such as climate, evaporation, temperature, and frequency of use. Under normal circumstances, the ratio for swimming pools is 1 part AEM to 10,000 parts water. For a swimming pool that is 20,000 gallons in size, the application rate would be 2 gallons of AEM. For hot tubs, the application ratio is 1:2500. So for the average size hot tub of 500 gallons, the application rate would be 3 cups of AEM. Application rates depend on frequency of use. If the swimming pool or hot tub is used on a daily basis, then the AEM should be applied every week. If they are used moderately, then apply AEM every two weeks. If used infrequently, then apply once every

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