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Letter of Endorsement from the German Government
Letter of Endorsement from the German Government


County Wittenberg
Head of the District Authority
Department of Fire, Disaster Control, and Rescue

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With reference to the unfortunate events in New Orleans and the urgent need for worldwide and widespread help for this population in order to avert further devastating results for body, life, and nature, we would like to refer to the flood catastrophe in our country in 2002.

In the course of fighting the damage after the flood, our citizens in the county of Wittenberg received support through your company (EMIKO).

By applying the microorganisms that you provided, it was possible to contribute considerably to the elimination of the flood-caused contamination damage.

After the application of these microorganisms and following reconstruction, a large number of private homes and public institutions, such as schools, could be used again.

We believe that the application of these microorganisms (EM®) could also be a valuable contribution for the citizens of New Orleans and the whole affected region.

We, being the region impacted in 2002, as well as the whole population of Wittenberg County, were grateful for having such support. We wish the citizen of New Orleans also such assistance in this difficult task of coping with the damage after the flood, and for the future we wish for a quick return to normalcy.

Yours sincerely

Michael Meissner

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