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EM® Applications for Fish and Bird Care  Download PDF Version
EM Ceramics all work
EM® Ceramics all work
well mixed into the aquarium bedding.
Aquariums and Fish Ponds 
Water quality management is crucial for keeping aquariums healthy and clean. In that fish droppings and residual foods also pollute the water, it is important to mix the AEM in the water at a ratio of 1:1000 every month to help remediate the water. This would be ¾ of a teaspoon per gallon of water or 1 ounce for a ten gallon fish tank. It is recommended that this dosage be applied in weekly increments, rather than all at once.
When changing the water, it may be best to change approximately half of the water on a regular basis. If your tap water is chlorinated, let it set overnight in a large container in order to allow the chlorine to offgas – and be sure to include the K-Type Ceramics, which promote the micro-structuring of the water. Before adding the replacement water, be sure to include the AEM at the 1:1000 ratio.
Additionally, N-Type Ceramics (one bag for every 10 gallons) are effective in adsorbing nitrogen, which produces algae growth. S-Type Pipes, K-Type Pipes, and the Yugo Ceramic Balls all work well for aquarium bedding applications.
EM helps to keep the bird cage
EM® helps to keep the bird cage healthy and odor free.
Bird Care
e best place to start for the care of birds is their water. Always give your birds fresh water. Use high quality drinking water, then add the EM® Ceramics to microstructure the water before giving it to your bird. Add liquid EM® to the bird’s drinking water at a ratio of 1:250 or one tablespoon per gallon of water. This helps to build a strong immune system through the added diversity of healthy microflora, as well as helps to detoxify the digestive system. Use a spray bottle with 10% EM® and 90% water (1:10 ratio) for misting the cage floor about once a week. This helps to detoxify the droppings and minimizes their odor – which causes stress for the birds. Also use the mister to daily spray the diluted EM® onto their bird feed.

Suggested Care for Birds:
  1. Be careful to not clean the birdcage too often, as this disturbs them. Spray the cage floor with diluted EM® about once a week. Clean out the whole cage about once a month.
  2. Give the birds seeds with shells. Seeds without shells easily dry up and lose their nutritional value. Spray them regularly with diluted EM®.
  3. Always give them fresh hexagonal drinking water using the EM® Ceramics. Be sure to frequently clean the water cup. On a hot day, change the water two or three times a day. Add EM® to the drinking water at a ratio of 1:250.
  4. Give the birds fresh green vegetables two or three times a week.
  5. Maintain a regular sleeping schedule – preferably right after sunset and allowing them to wake around sunrise.

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