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EM Applications for International Disaster Relief
Although relatively new to the United States, EM® has been used in over 120 countries for over 25 years in agriculture, waste control, and a host of other sustainable applications. EM® neutralizes the breeding of pathogen bacteria which spreads disease caused by raw sewage, toxic wastes, and other contaminations. EM® was used extensively throughout the December 2004 Tsunami Wave Disaster in Southern Asia to stave off the feared growth of disease-causing pathogens. It was used by the German government after the Elbe River flood disasters of 2002 to remediate the standing toxic waters and contaminated drainage sites. EM® has also been used for decontaminating the polluted inland seas of Japan and other bioremediation projects around the world.
EM Applications for International Disaster Relief EM® Application in German Flood Relief
. Following the floods of the Elbe River in 2002, the German government immediately began applying EM® to the contaminated stagnant waters and drained sites in the Witten-berg District. In response to the Katrina disaster, the Honorable Michael Meissner, head of the District Authority for Fire Rescue and Disaster Control wrote, "We believe that the application of these (Effective) Microorganisms could be a valuable contribution for the citizens of New Orleans and the whole affected area. We, being the region impacted in 2002, as well as the whole population of Wittenberg County, were grateful for having such support. We also wish the citizens of New Orleans such assistance in this difficult task of coping with the damage after the flood, and for the future we wish for a quick return to normalcy." Learn more...

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EM Applications for International Disaster Relief
EM® Application in Tsunami Wave Disaster
iland. More recently, after the Tsunami Disaster in 2004, the Thai Army began spraying decomposing corpses washing ashore with EM®. Red Cross International and Red Crescent officials then instructed other countries in how to apply the microbial decontaminant to other coastal-damaged areas. The deaths from the spread of pathogen diseases that the World Health Organization had predicted following the disaster never happened. Senator Panot Tas-neeyanond of Thailand recently stated that, "In the aftermath of the Tsunami Disaster in the southern Andaman coastal provinces of Thailand, the Thai military and other relief authorities did use EM® to help the victims in the ravaged areas. They sprayed the EM® on the dead bodies, animals and other debris after the tsunami calamity and this mitigated the problems of the spread of pathogens and diseases to the vulnerable populations nearby I therefore support the use of EM® for the Katrina Disaster relief in the USA."
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EM Applications for International Disaster Relief
EM® Approved by EPA for Katrina Hurricane Disaster
Emerald Earth Company, LLC had its beginnings in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the year 2005 during the Katrina Hurricane Disaster. Emerald Earth led the grassroots initiative, the EM® Recovery Campaign, to gain the approval of “Effective Microorganisms” by FEMA and the EPA for decontamination applications of the Gulf Coast disaster sites. EM® had successfully been used by every country impacted by the Tsunami Wave Disaster earlier that year in curbing the spread of pathogen diseases. EM® had also been used by the German government during the flooding of the Elbe River in 2002 in naturally decontaminating the standing toxic waters, similar to the New Orleans flooded areas.
   The EM® Recovery Campaign, coordinated by head volunteers James McMath, Sabine Steinhardt, and Kendall Arey, extended a call out to concerned citizens to contact congressional members and federal disaster relief agencies to encourage the approval of EM® for the EPA vendor’s list, so that it could be applied to the Gulf Coast disaster sites. Within a week, this message was forwarded by internet bloggers to hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens. Thousands responded to this call for action, as every congressional and senatorial office placed a request to the EPA and FEMA to review this matter immediately. EM® was approved and placed on the EPA vendor’s list in November of 2005. The EPA said it had never experienced such a barrage of requests for a single commercial product!
Click here to view EPA Letter of Approval

Click here to view Letter of Endorsement for the German Government
Click here to view Letter of Endorsement for Congressman Udall
Click here to view Letter of Endorsement for Senator Jeff Bingaman

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