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EM Applications for Water Quality Systems
Water Gardens and Pond Treatments with EM® Download PDF Version

Water Gardens and Pond Treatments with EM
Healthy water gardens and small ponds offer a valued aesthetic attraction to the home or business. These pools, however, develop their own ecosystems that can easily go out of balance. If the water is left stagnant for too long, mosquitoes will start to inhabit the area, algae begins to form in the water, and odors can start to appear. Adding in a feature that circulates the water can cut down on these problems. Depending on the water quality, however, algae and calcium deposits may still form.
Using EM•1® Microbial Inoculant on a regular basis will help to keep enough beneficial microbes in the system to keep nutrient levels low enough to prevent the growth of algae. EM•1® also has the ability to neutralize salts—which can act as a natural chlorinator—and prevent them from crystallizing on pool surfaces.
The monthly application ratio is 1:10,000, which is 1 part Activated EM® (AEM) for every 10,000 parts of water. It is recommended that this dosage be applied in weekly increments, rather than all at once.
The water temperature should be 5°F above freezing. EM® Bokashi Packets are also recommended. Allow several weeks for the materials to do their work. Some sludge from the bottom will likely surface creating an unsightly scum. Leave it and let nature do its bioremediation – as it will disappear shortly.
If you have a larger pond or lake in your area that is in very poor condition and you would
like to treat it with AEM, please feel free to contact Emerald Earth for assistance. These programs are often done for lakes that have a surface area of several acres that are fed by outside sources (besides rainwater), or have been contaminated by chemicals. For a water garden or small pond, the above application rates will work satisfactorily.

EM•1® Microbial Inoculant
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