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EM® Takes the Country by Storm

Emerald Earth Company, LLC had its beginnings in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the year 2005 during
the Katrina Hurricane Disaster. Emerald Earth led the grassroots initiative, the EM® Recovery Campaign, to gain the approval of “Effective Microorganisms” by FEMA and the EPA for decontamination applications of the Gulf Coast disaster sites. EM® had successfully been used by every country impacted by the Tsunami Wave Disaster earlier that year in curbing the spread of pathogen diseases. EM® had also been used by the German government during the flooding of the Elbe River in 2002 in naturally decontaminating the standing toxic waters, similar to the New Orleans flooded areas.
The EM® Recovery Campaign, coordinated by head volunteers James McMath, Sabine Steinhardt, and
Kendall Arey, extended a call out to concerned citizens to contact congressional members and federal
disaster relief agencies to encourage the approval of Effective Microorganisms® for the EPA vendor’s list, so that it could be applied to the Gulf Coast disaster sites. Within a week, this message was forwarded by internet bloggers to hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens. Thousands responded to this call for action, as every congressional and senatorial office placed a request to the EPA and FEMA to review this matter immediately. EM·1® Microbial Inoculant was approved and placed on the EPA vendor’s list in November of 2005. The EPA said it had never experienced such a barrage of requests for a single commercial product!
Emerald Earth Finally Opens
James McMath and Sabine Steinhardt
After successfully launching the EM® Recovery Campaign, Emerald Earth finally celebrated its opening at the end of October with a fun-filled Halloween Party. Owners, James McMath and Sabine Steinhardt, said that it only seemed fitting that the shop be opened on the weekend of Halloween. There were about 50 friends and wellwishers attending the grand opening. There was a “spirited atmosphere” with good food, fun costumes, and facepainting.
Emerald Earth, on that day, had the proud distinction of becoming the “First EM® Retail Shop in America”. “More than ever, it’s time for these microscopic beings to do their magic on the Earth again!” stated James McMath, co-founder of the company. “This is an incredible new technology that naturally cleans the environment without any negative side-effects. That’s because it’s the same technology that nature has been using for billions of years. The breakthrough is that we’ve learned to partner closer with nature. With EM®, wastes will become a thing of the past. Virtually anything and everything can now be recycled to produce biofuels, organic foods, recycled water, non-toxic fertilizers, natural building materials, and a host of other sustainable byproducts. It’s time to put the ‘eco’ back in the word ‘eco-nomics’.”
Greening the Planet – One Household at a Time!
Emerald Earth Company, LLC seeks to provide the highest quality natural microbial products available on the market. We currently offer the largest selection of EM®-based natural health and cleaning products anywhere in the world. We are tirelessly seeking the best products available – bringing in products from Australia, Japan, Hawaii, Germany, Austria, and wherever we can provide the highest quality merchandise at the best price.
In the very near future, Emerald Earth will begin manufacturing a broad variety of EM®-enhanced products under the label “Emerald Natural Products”. EM® primary products were first introduced by Dr. Higa’s EMROUSA company in the year 2002. It’s time for a diverse selection of EM® natural health and environmental quality products to be produced here in America. These nature-based solutions that allow us to partner with nature rather than suppress the eco-systems are, in our view, essential to creating a sensible means for living in ecological balance and for creating sustainable health for all living organisms. We are fully committed to the premise that “Nature Does It Best!”


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